About Us

We are a fast growing African IT Agency that supports businesses and organizations by building functional and creative products that help in their growth and operations. We provide affordable and reliable IT (Information Technology) solutions.

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We also help companies and organizations drastically reduce their costs and improve efficient and reliability of their services by enabling them to outsourcing their IT requirements.

We provide business solutions to their clients in terms of systems integration, consultancy, outsourcing, application development, networking and customized business solutions.

Roen Systems Ltd also provides computer parts, components and technologies which include consumer electronic devices like personal computers, and storage products such as enterprise storage, desktop storage, external storage, and network storage, networking, application development and implementation.

But, ultimately, what drives us, is You. We depend on your success to get the next client, you drive our business, therefore in every project we give personalized attention and move at your pace to deliver excellent results.

We tailor each solution to your specific needs, taking time to understand your requirements.

Mission statement
At Roen Systems Ltd, our mission is to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential through provision of world class IT consultancy services to our clients.

Roen Systems Ltd’s goal is to use our extensive IT experience to deliver tangible business results enabling our clients in industry and government to profit from the advanced use of technology. We strive to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Plase feel free to download our company profile.